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You need to video tutorial section in this forum..Y/N

67% 67% [ 2 ]
33% 33% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

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Registered Member
Registered Member
I want to says for new user like me, who don't know about css code...So

Need video tutorial section in this webartzforum.com.as far as possible Sad

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Thats really too much to ask for, we already have a tutorial section.

However, if we have someone who can make videos. We won't mind a video for the same. however, i don't think we have any member who can do videos professionally.

You can add a poll.


Fatal Dawn

Registered Member
Registered Member
These days a lot of people make their video tutorials, it seems easy too. You get a screen-capture program like hypercam and upload to youtube channel or dailymotion.
A picture's worth a thousand words, especially to an audience with limited knowledge in what you are tutoring. We have demos but videos may be too much trouble.

Yes, add a poll please.

edit: voted in support of video tutorial


Registered Member
Registered Member
I would be more than happy to make some video tutorials, but I think a tutorial section would be too much to ask. It is just as easy to reply to a post and use the youtube tags or something for the video.


Voted against

That is a video tutorial I made.


We already have a tutorial section with text/images/examples etc. Having videos for same things is not required to learn.

Suggestion rejected | Locked

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