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Product page is the most important page of any e-commerce website, because it affects conversion rate. Hence, the product page of your e-commerce web design must convince the customers and compel them to buy products from your site.

Firstly, you should select a reliable content management system to develop your e-commerce website. Compared to other CMSs, Joomla is more flexible and allows you to add several custom elements in your site. Using Joomla website design, you can serve your customers efficiently.

In the World Wide Web, your competitor is always just a click away and a small mistake in your product page design can ruin your business. Below are some the things customers expect to see in a product page:

Required Elements of a Product Page

Product Name- Make sure that the product name is brief, but descriptive. For instance, if you are selling LCD monitors, instead of writing only “LCD”, you can write “Full HD LCD monitor”. This way, both customers and search engines will understand what type of products you sell.

Price- Customers look for a product price as soon as they shortlist a product. Write the price of each product in bold letters and include the price information beside the “buy” button.

Buy Button- Without a “buy” button in your product page, your customers can’t buy a product? More often than not, designers make mistakes in “buy” button design, like making it too small and difficult to locate. The button should ideally be placed below or beside each product image.

Also, remember, if you are catering to USA customers, write “add to cart” on the “buy” button and for UK version of your site write, “add to basket.” Place the buy button above the fold so that your consumers can instantly see it.

Important Elements of a Product Page

Images- Use large, high resolution images of products to convince your customers about product quality. Optimize images for faster download and use modal window, hover zoom feature to allow customers check every minute detail.

Provide multiple images for each product and give 360 degree angle views. Also, always show images of the actual products. For instance, if you are selling Samsung LCD model no 1234, don’t display the image of model no 5678, or for that matter, a different brand altogether that has a similar looking product.

Product Description- Describe the important details of each product in an interesting manner. You can either write a brief summary or use a table layout to highlight the main features.

Quantity Option- If a customer wants to buy 10 pieces of the same item, give him the option. Give a quantity option and let him choose as many as he needs. Don’t let him click back and forth 10 times to buy the same product.

Useful Elements of a Product Page

Product Manufacturer’s Name- If you sell third party products from your online store, mention the manufacturer’s name. Different customers like different brands and displaying the brand name can increase your profit margin.

Size and Dimension- In case, you are selling garments or shoes, display the size and color variation to give your customers a better shopping experience.

Stock Available- Show available stock to create a sense of urgency and sell products faster. For instance, if you show that you have only 5 iPad left in your store, more customers will rush to buy those last few iPads.

When a product is completely out of stock, show the “out of stock” message and ask the customers to leave their email address for product availability notification.

Additional Elements

Customer Reviews- Let your customers write product reviews. Display the most helpful reviews at the bottom of the product page. Remember to include the negative reviews as well because, 1. a product cannot satisfy all customers. 2. only good reviews, because of #1, makes a product unbelievable.

Add to Wish List- Some of your customers may decide to buy a product later and for their benefit, you should give a “add to wish list” button. A wish list may not increase your sales figures immediately, but it will help you create loyal customers.

Delivery Details- Display the delivery details of each product and write down the shipment charges. Potential customers may choose your site just because you give a “2-day delivery” and “shipping is completely free”.

These are some of the things you should consider to design a user-friendly product page. If you don’t have any experience in website design, you can also hire a website design company to develop your e-commerce site.

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Thanks for your information about E-commerce web design, Joomla Website Design, Website Design Company



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Yes a great information for all those who are beginners..I have already got much of the stuff on my site you mentioned here.



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Thanks alot for your information about ecommerce web design, joomla web design.   Its helps me to get more information about websites. Keep sharing


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Thanks a lot for sharing this stuff. This is really helpful in getting more knowledge about different websites. Keep sharing more stuff like this.



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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.I am looking forward to design a website of my own.This will be pretty useful info for that.


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Great stuff shared for all beginners.Thanks a lot already found lot of stuff you shared here on my website.Keep sharing more info like this.


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Thanks for the vital info shared.


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Thanks for sharing it is a very useful information.

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