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1 Responsive web design a different approach on Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:03 pm


We all feel the necessity of the websites that are easily readable and provide easy navigation on any device. We have visited many websites on internet that works good on desktops and laptops but when we visit these websites on iPad, smartphones and tablets these websites don’t work as we expect them. Also, nowadays we give priority to smartphones and tablets as these are portable devices. Therefore we need the websites which work good and work same on all devices like desktops, laptops, iPad, smartphones, tablets etc. The solution to this problem is responsive web design. Responsive web design is that website design which adapts to the screen size of all different devices and provide easy readability and provide easy navigation on all different devices. In other words, With Responsive web design websites work same for all the devices. There is no need for mobile version of the websites. http://www.xhtmljunction.com/blog/psd-to-html-conversion-to-create-a-responsive-website/

2 Re: Responsive web design a different approach on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:26 pm


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the more you are creative in designing a website more you have career in webdesigning.


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i think so this is a very nice thinking.


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With extensive usage of smartphones, mobile marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. Adversely, usage of mobile internet has increased significantly. Business owners need to have responsive website design that go friendly on mobile phones, tablets and portable computers.  Having responsive website will ensure maximum advantage to your business.



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A responsive web design is the need of the users and also the webmasters because these days user access the website on very small devices like mobile phones, tablet etc. To save the website from bounce rate and increase the online business.

Web Design Company India


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Responsive Web design Company India with bootstrap frame works easiest the work for designer.



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Yes this days all website need to be responsive. so web developers use bootstrap to make responsive website as it saves time and it is easy to use


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