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1 Help creating a redirect page on Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:19 pm


Registered Member
Registered Member

I apologise if I have posted this thread in the wrong section, I think a php page is likely to be the best solution to my problem, but, I am open to suggestions.

I am using a platform which generates affiliate referral links for it's registered users to refer affiliates and receive referral commission on their future earnings.

The platform incorporates a default signup page (/mysite/signup) to which the default links are directed, but, I do not have access to any code on the default signup page.

It is my intention to, at a later date, introduce a custom signup page, but, if I allow the use of existing links produced by the platform and later introduce the custom signup page, all existing inbound links would still direct to the default signup page which I would no longer be using.

My thoughts to work around this are to introduce a redirect page which, for now, directs to the default signup page, but, when the custom page is introduced, I can just change the destination of the redirect to the custom page without affecting existing inbound links.

I am able to recode the default referral url which in the platform is generated from: /mysite/signup/{affiliate_id}.

So, my thoughts were to create a divert page called "register" and change the platform referral links to direct to it: /mysite/register/{affiliate_id}

NOTE: The referral urls will not work correctly when received at /mysite/signup if the "affiliate_id" is not passed in as "/1002", this is where my problem begins as any simple redirect page I can produce naturally returns a 404 error as the page /mysite/register/1002 does not exist (and if it did, it wouldn't help for affiliate 1005).

The referral link should direct to /mysite/register where the page identifies the appended "/1002" parameter and passes it into the redirect to /mysite/signup/1002.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I apologise if this is not entirely clear, I will happily supply any additional info needed.



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