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1 Green CoW's Gallery on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:36 am

Green CoW

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
First topic message reminder :

Hi there...Here's some stuff I've done. Most of them are fulfilled requests. (just showing off the stuff I already had uploaded)
Hopefully you'll find something nice!

GC's Resource Packs

Shooter ImageSet
(.CFG file not included)
A free imageset mainly created for phpBB, but could easily be ported to any other forum software.

Download Here

Blue Plastic ImageSet
(.CFG file included)
A free imageset mainly created for phpBB, but could easily be ported to any other forum software.

Download Here

Adobe Icons
Ok.. made a couple of Adobe Icons
Do as you wish with them Wink
Both .ico and transparent .png is included.
Here's an overview

Download Here

Extra Icon info:

  • 256x256 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 158x128 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 96x96 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 80x80 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 72x72 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 64x64 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 48x48 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 32x32 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 24x24 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 16x16 - XP (RGB/A)
  • 256x256 - 256 colors
  • 48x48 - 256 colors
  • 32x32 - 256 colors
  • 24x24 - 256 colors
  • 16x16 - 256 colors

Blue 3D Icons
An icon set with 17 objects in 3 different sizes.

Download Here

GC Avatar Pack 01
12 abstract avatars with the size 135x200px

12 Avatars - size 135x200px
Hope you like them.
Download Here

Grey & Colour Rank Set + Post Ranks
A set of 13 ranks with grey background and 13 ranks with coloured background. I also included metallic post ranks set.
Raw file is not included.

Download Here

Coloured Chrome Ranks
This rank set includes 16 pre-made ranks (see preview) & 12 blank ranks (if you need to add your own text).
Raw file is not included.

Download Here

C4D Render Pack #1

Download Here

C4D Render Pack #2
Four abstract renders.

Download Here

Most Recent Work
Some misc new ones

Red Devils Banner

Red Devils Wallpaper

phpcommunities Banner

phpcommunities Wallpaper

Logos / Banners

Misc Stuff...

Level Ranks

Sigs (not much of a sig maker)

Screens of my web development..
Forum screen

Music site screens

Tattoo creation.. (Just did the graphics)
The image

The lines...

The finished tattoo

Wallpapers (some old & some new)

Now when the decorate your desktop competition is over I thought you guys wanted some new Webartz Wallpapers Wink
Clicking the thumbnail image will take you to the high res bmp image!

Just goofing around.. The first draft.. gonna edit it some more..

Exclamation Here's the second draft of the WebArtz Wallapaper....

See ya..

Last edited by Green CoW on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:37 pm; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated with new graphics)

76 Re: Green CoW's Gallery on Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:22 am

Green CoW

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Thanks for the nice comments RSguideMaker, ToneyPK & Reverse.

Sorry, I haven't anything new to show up for you guys.. Been a little dry graphically lately Sad

77 Re: Green CoW's Gallery on Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:49 am


Registered Member
Registered Member
google some insperation


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