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1 WebArtz FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:28 am


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The List of FAQs at Webartz
Frequently Asked Coding Questions

We are now, bringing to you the list of all the FAQs at Webartz. This list has been written by both the moderators of Webartz(Joph25 & Joel).

We hope, that by creating this list, members won't be asking the same questions over and over again! We also hope this list will bless you deeply!


How to create a theme changer for your Forumotion forum
Modifying Posting Tables
Quick Table Tutorial
How to remove line under a link
Decorating Tables
Code for log-in
Redirecting a page to another page
Scrolling Tutorial/About the Marquee
Scrolling affiliate for your forum!
Table ads for your advertising forum
How to make a banner jumble
Affiliation table for your forum!
How to create an affiliation page
How to link to a pop up window
How to add a background image and music to an HTML page
How to get a page like WebArtz's on staff list/moderation team page(Not the exact code)
BBcode/Tables for announcement & messages
How to link an image to another page(BBcode & HTML)
How to make a slideshow(HTML)
Removing Legends & Groups for your Forumotion forum
Adding quotation marks to your forum's quote box
Modifying Multi-Forums in one
How to make a music player
Message for guests only(phpbb2 & punBB only)
Toolbar for your forum
How to redirect a link to a new tab
Add Twitter in your website
Search form for your forum/website
Google search to your webpage
How to display a 'page load time'
Making a Countdown Timer
Add a Facebook like button


What is CSS?
Start Learning CSS
Rounded header
Rounded headers with CSS
Is there a way to hide my CSS
Table problem
Part of border missing
Forumotion theme changer
Fixing the header
Center your banner with CSS
Center your navigation bar with CSS
Add an image behind the comment box
Chatbox background problem
Center name and rank
Quote box in HTML page
Popup without opening a new window
Changing the links and images in HTML page
Hiding the header
Modifying the reply/quick reply background of your forum
Modifying the quote box of your forum
Adding image to the quote message
How to put 2 cursors for your forum/site
How to hide navigation bar for your Forumotion forum
Make a text blink(CSS)
How to put a line for your category name
How place underline on links(CSS)
Hiding Corners for Categories & Forums
Types of Borders

Other FAQs

The Forum Rules
About Webartz(The Moderation Team , Contest Winners & Reviews)
About the WebArtz shop(Guide)
How to submit your tutorial
How to submit your suggestions
I can't post in the Forum games section? Why?

We hope that helps you finding answers for your queries Smile If you have any suggestions or anything that needs to be added, please feel free to pm me, Joel or Russel Wink


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