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1 Designers Wanted on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:01 pm


Designers Wanted
on the hunt for designers

Are you a Photoshop genius? Does Fireworks bow to your every whim? Can you create graphics that would make the Apple design team salivate? Have you been wanting to contribute, but never had the chance?

During the last few weeks, WebArtz has had alot more graphical requests and no designers have been active to complete the requests.

To get accepted you must show that you can create graphics that are pleasing to the eye and match the origional request.

So If you are a designer oozing with talent and itching to contribute to the WebArtz community, please contact Sanket with the following COMPLETED request, the WebArtz staff will then review the graphics and make a decision.

Type of creation : Banner
Size of the image : 900 * 150 px
Font color : Your choice
Link to the font to be used : Any font
Text : WebArtz Forum
Sub text : The Art of Web Designing
Background color : Green
Any special effects to be added : very modern and clean looking
Things to avoid : (what you don't want in your image)
Other comments : please, no gloss. I don't like it

You must be active before you request to be staff here at WebArtz. In-activity will lead to suspension from the staff team.


No support via. PM, as they will just be deleted

2 Re: Designers Wanted on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:33 am


Registered Member
Registered Member
Ivebeen waiting for this since i joined. And sorry about that my internet got shut down Sad
Imaged Removed

This was the best i could do with paint Sorry Sad

I Forgot to lock this thread. As it was mentioned PM me with the images.

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