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Hi, my name is Max Carnegie, Guerrilla Marketing director for Online Imagination. For the last 20 years I have been helping corporations make up to $700,000 per day. Large corporations pay me an enormous six figure salary to run their entire marketing department. I've worked with corporations large and small. Some companies had no marketing department at all and hired me as the only marketing guy to build everything from scratch. Others hired me to manage an entire team of over 100 people in just the marketing department alone.

Here is a little background about myself. I started out as a PHP programmer, the same programming language that Zuckerberg used to program Facebook with. From there, I made enough money as a programmer to become a Linux System Administrator and ended up managing a data center with thousands of servers. So my background is in programming and systems administration, but I love marketing more than anything else in the world.

The very first web site I launched generated well over 4,000 visitors a day, which was created even before eBay began. Throughout my career I have done every aspect of marketing from online to offline. I have managed radio campaigns, magazine ads, television commercials, bill board ads, and even bus tail advertising, but my heart lies in online marketing. I believe I am the king of online marketing. In my 20 year career, I have yet to meet anyone that knows more about online marketing than me. By the time I was 21, I had already spent well over one million dollars of my own money on Google. Fast forward that to 2014, and I have personally managed several campaigns that have spent well over $200,000 a day in Google Adwords. Yep, I spent a house a day.

I have owned several businesses and successfully sold a few companies early on in my career. Since then I have been working for large corporations and have learned an incredible amount about how big money is made. For the last 20 years, nearly all small business owners I've met have been trying to hire me to work for them. The only problem is most of them can't afford to hire me. They can't afford to pay high six figure salaries. I hate turning down small business owners because I feel they need the most help. Large corporations have so many resources at their disposal. The top 3% of America is so powerful that they can just whine, lobby the government, and demand bailout money when they're in trouble.

Where's the bail out for small businesses? When a small business doesn't do well it just dies. I believe there aren’t enough resources out there to help small business owners. When I tried to open up my own business, there wasn't anyone out there to mentor me. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a mentor that helped him become famous. I never had anyone. It was extremely difficult starting a business on my own. My competitors didn't want to help me because I was competing against them. There wasn't a lot of places I could go to show me how to grow a business from $0 to $300,000 a day. I felt alone, and so I had to do everything on my own. I tried everything. I made a lot of money and lost even more. I hired several guys to help me, paid them a fortune in salaries and they weren't much help. I had to learn every lesson the hard way. I spent 15 hours a day thinking about every way to optimize my business because there was no one there to guide me. I told my college professor about my business and he wanted 40% of my company to help me. I took the long way to get to where I'm at today and after thinking about it for several years; I have decided to commit my life to helping small business owners succeed.

That's why I help created Oimagination because I want to give back to the community and help every business owner out. Oimagination is more than just a web design company. We are here to help every small business owner succeed. Whether you're a customer or not, we want to help you avoid all of the painful mistakes that we have already been through. So go ahead and join our forum and lets work together to make $300,000 per day.

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